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We are a master brokerage specializing in educating, serving, and protecting those approaching and enjoying retirement. We do this by supporting financial professionals with the heart of a servant, supporting them with 100+ “A” rated financial and insurance institutions, and providing best-in-class education.

Our thoughtful and thorough professionals provide services such as:

  • Social Security planning
  • Protecting savings from loss
  • Retirement income planning
  • Selecting Medicare health insurance
  • Developing estate and asset protection
  • Crafting a legacy plan for wealth or business transfer
  • Creating plans to provide for long-term care & protect special needs family members

Protect First. We have spent time with thousands of clients approaching and in retirement. We have poured over their financial statements, had valuable conversations, and advocated for them with their financial institutions. Our insurance agents, financial advisors & fiduciaries have assisted many in weathering what we call The Perfect Storm in retirement with our “Protect First” outlook.

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