Mountain States Regional Office

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A Welcome from the Regional Sales Manager

Welcome to American Senior Benefits.  Our office serves as the Mountain States Regional Headquarters for American Senior Benefits (ASB).  I have been an agent, manager and building agencies since June of 1980.  We have many very experienced representatives and managers within our organization.  Over the years, our region has grown to become the leading agency in the nation for ASB.  We have done this through the recruiting and training of talented, ethical, and hard working sales representatives.

We are a career organization.  Agents working in our agency are full time sales representatives.  We do not sell insurance products outside of our agency or engage in other occupations.  We spend more time in training each month than some agencies do all year.  We sell Medicare Supplements, Long Term Care Insurance, Life Insurance, and Annuities.  We specialize in seniors.  We know more about the unique needs of these people than any other insurance providers.  We have a remarkable lead generation system built around this market. Our in-house Customer Service Representatives, working under the direct supervision of the Regional Managers, help set appointments for traditional Medicare Supplements and Life Insurance for our growing number of agents.  We represent around 100 insurance companies and, with our national contracts, provide strong compensation levels for our agents.  Our life insurance products span up and down the age spectrum.  We help families to protect spouses, children and grandchildren.

With around 100 companies to choose from, our agents are able to select the most competitive products for our client’s needs.  These clients also receive the knowledge, skill and expert service of their sales representative.  These talented agents are trained to work with our clients by analyzing their needs, reviewing their existing plans, and helping them to determine the best ways to meet their financial needs and goals.

In line with our focus on highly trained full time representatives, we have difficulty with the idea of the day time plumber’s apprentice acting as “your financial planner” in the evening.  We hope you feel as we do, that such a casual approach to our industry is generally inconsistent with the training and expertise required of a professional insurance representative. We do not ask our agents for lists of names of their friends and relatives.  Additionally, our agents are not expected to recruit their friends and family.  Our industry leading training program results in a retention rate of our sales professionals far in excess of many of our sister companies.  If you are looking for a serious career focused on the insurance needs of the senior market, we think you will be pleased with what you find at American Senior Benefits.

I hope you get a chance to work with our company.  We believe in doing what is right for the client above and beyond all else.  Ethics is more than a word to us.  It is a way of thinking and working within a profession we enjoy.

If you would like to know more about us or have any questions that I can help with, please call me at: (801) 281-0066 Ext 0.


Wayne D. Gray